Rashid Arshed    N e w   P a i n t i n g s
Copyrigh t© Rashid Arshed 2007-2015
   New Paintings
2.Oil on Canvas 2013
58x22 inches
8. Acrylic on Canvas 
48x22 inches

6. Acrylic on Canvas 
24x36 inches

5. Oil on Canvas 
35x18 inches

10. Acrylic on Canvas 
26x48 inches

Prices subject to change without notice. California sale tax may apply. Price does not include packing and shipping.  Giclee prints sold without frame. All copyrights of sold art remain with Rashid Arshed
1. Oil on Canvas 
58x20 inches

4. Oil on Canvas 
24x48 inches

"Text and Texture
Recent Oils and Acrylics
11. Oil on Canvas 
 48x22 inches

7. Oil on Canvas 
22x48 inches

13. Oil on Canvas 

24. Oil on Canvas 
22x48 inches

17.  Oil on Canvas 
54x22 inches

23. Oil on Canvs
36x24 inches
18. Oil on Canvas 
​48x24 inches

12. Oil on Canvas 
36x24 inches

29. Oil on Canvas 
20x58 inches

3. Oil on Canvas
58x22 inches

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